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NB: There are copyright restrictions on the use of TV/radio programmes and movies for educational purposes. Teachers are responsible to checking that their institution has an appropriate screenrights licence. See www.screenrights.org for more information. 


  • ESLMovies.com – includes resources for Rabbit Proof FenceThe CastleWhale Rider etc. Cheap and available to download, and in different levels for different movies.


  • Australian Screen - over a thousand video clip extracts from Australian films & TV programs with teachers' notes and transcripts - highly recommended.
  • Using film texts to teach about the English Language - from ACMI, this resource offers suggestions for using film to introduce students to the different varieties of Australian English.  Topics include Australian English and Identity, Accent as the Theatre of Identity, The Australian Documentary Voice, The Ethnolect in Australia and Indigenous Language and Identity.


Short Films

  • Tropfest Australia is a good source for short films that you could use in class for discussion or writing prompts. Take care as some are definitely rated TGR (Teacher Guidance Recommended :-)  Here are some of the Tropfest films I've used in class (LesleyC):
    • LAMB (2002) A father and his blind son struggle to survive on a drought stricken land.
      NOTE: I've had one student cry at the end, but generally goes over well and generates a lot of discussion and writing.
      NOTE: A humorous take on a procedural video.
    • MURBAH SWAMP BEER (2002) A documentary that could only be true in Australia. It captures the spirit of one small Aussie town, when a truck loaded with 40,000 beers crashes into the river just before Easter time.
    • BENNY UNSEEN HERO (2005) Benny the loser performs one amazing feat after another but no-one sees a thing, to his enormous frustration.
      NOTE: language warning.
    • BETWEEN THE FLAGS (2007) How many rioters does it take to start a riot? When two guys from opposing sides of conflict are the first arrivals for a beach riot, they are initially unsure of the accepted etiquette.
      NOTE: Good cross-cultural piece based on Cronulla riots.
    • GOGGLES (2006) Seven year old Billy encounters a couple of bullies on his way to the pool.
      NOTE: Good 'issues' film for discussion.
    • MOUSE RACE! (2008) Australians will bet on anything - but mice!? A fascinating and funny journey into the seedy underworld of amateur mouse racing.
    • MARRY ME (2008) Little girl likes little boy. Little boy likes BMX bike. Something has to give.
    • GREAT WHITE HUNTERS (2008) What do you need to hunt the world's greatest hunter? How about some fishing line and a six-pack.
      NOTE: Made by the same team as Murbah Swamp Beer. I don't like this one as much, but may be topical given recent (2014) shark cull protests. 
    • GUSTO (2002?) An ailing old man goes to pump yabbies for the last time, but is he still able to catch enough?
    • WE'VE ALL BEEN THERE (2013)  Jess has to come up with $800 or lose her house. A flat tyre leaves Joan stranded in the middle of nowhere. Matt needs a job. All these stories are brought together as what goes around comes around and they impact each other in a way they couldn't imagine.
      Also on Film English with a lesson plan 



  • Australian short films on Film English with lesson plans:
    • SIGNS   - a beautiful short film by Patrick Hughes about communication. Not much spoken dialogue in this, but they're definitely Aussie accents when there is!
    • WE'VE ALL BEEN THERE - a moving short film by Nicholas Clifford on the theme of empathy.



  • National Film and Sound Archive’s Digital learning resources
    NFSA Digital Learning combines the former Screen Australia Digital Learning websites and NFSA’s online education resources. These content rich education websites feature thousands of video and audio clips available for streaming and downloading.  Includes these collections:
    • History:  
      • Australian History Timeline - Search film excerpts via people, place and decade.
      • Captain James Cook - Explores one of the greatest explorers of all time.
      • Wireless to Web - A selective history of broadcast media in Australia.
      • Constructing Australia - Three powerful stories of nation building – the Sydney Harbour Bridge, the Kalgoorlie Pipeline and the Overland Telegraph.
      • Moving History - 60 years of Film Australia - Provides a history of documentary making at Film Australia.
    • National Treasures and Investigating National Treasure- Treasures from Australia’s National Heritage List.
    • Australian At Work - These video clips show everyday Australians at work in a variety of contexts (see more detail below)
    • Completely Gorgeous - An hilarious and helpful look at body image for modern girls and guys.
    • On the rails - Interactive journey following Australian trains through time and place. 
    • Indigenous:
      • Twelve Canoes - people, history, culture and place of the Yolngu people.
      • Ceremony - Yolgnu culture
      • Mabo - The Native Title Revolution - The Mabo legal case and the important issues it raises.
    • Talkback Classroom Learning Journeys - Follow Australian secondary students as they interview leading decision makers and investigate the issues that matter.
    • Arts Portal - Access a wealth of performing and visual arts resources.
    • DIY Doco - Engage students in the world of documentary storytelling.
    • Australian biography - Extraordinary Australians talk about their lives.
    • Our region
      • Screen Asia - Supports the development of Asia literacy in the middle years.
      • Pacific stories - A gateway to the Pacific region. Features a teacher guide and interactive map.  


  • Australians At Work
    Selected from the Film Australia archives, these Video Clips show everyday Australians at work in a variety of contexts. Each Video Clip is accompanied by a number of Study Modules, which include Key Concepts, Curriculum Applicability Notes, Context / Background Information, Discussion Pointers, and Suggested Classroom Activities.

Digital Storytelling


  • Creating the Connections – a digital stories resource kit for adult literacy (and ESL) teachers
    This is an excellent free resource created by AMES Vic and GOTAFE for adult literacy students, specifically for CGEA 1 (Introductory), 1 & 2; CSWE II & III.
    “This flexible resource kit on CD guides teachers through the process of developing students’ skills to create digital stories about their local community. Activities develop students’ oral and written communication skills, ICT skills, project planning skills and employability skills. The ten session plans in the kit are accompanied by printable tasks and handouts for students. The kit includes sample digital stories and copyright-free photos and music."



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