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Expressions and Idioms

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Australian expressions and idioms




  • Understanding Everyday Australian (Boyer Educational Resources)
    • The 'Understanding Everyday Australian' series includes student and teacher books and audio CD resources. These resources explain contemporary Australian language and are enjoyable and easy to use. They incorporate widely used everyday Australian expressions, pronunciation and practical hints for general conversation. They also assist those teaching English grammar, pronunciation, speaking and listening skills.
    • Available in print or e-book download  


  • They're a Weird Mob (1957 book, 1966 film) - A bit dated now, but the story's depiction of the struggles of a migrant who has learnt 'proper' English to understand Australian English (as well as understand Australian culture) still rings true. [The link here is to Australian Screen website which has 3 clips from the film, with accompanying transcript & teacher notes.]


  • How to Speak New Zenglish
    Designed for both New Zealanders and people who want to talk to New Zealanders, How to Speak New Zenglish brings everyday Kiwi conversation to life with unnerving accuracy, and celebrates the mangled mess of a language we proudly call our own.


  • Using film texts to teach about the English Language (Australian English)
    This resource offers suggestions for using film (and some sound only) texts to introduce students to the different varieties of Australian English. Film clips can be grouped to give students an understanding of the way the Australian language has changed over time. A number of these clips also demonstrate synchronic variation within Australian English and provide a focus for exploring and learning to apply the metalanguage of linguistic analysis.


Could be good with advanced learners, exposure to accent, rhyme & of course some common slang - can also look at common Aussie -o words (ambo, sambo, arvo, relo etc.) The ad text is: "Here’s Gazza the ambo who’s pulled an all-nighter./Nan and mum with the ankle biter./Stevo from Paddo on a break from a reno,/havin’ a chinwag with the visiting relos./Back from the Murray are Hoddy ‘n’ Binny,/with pav McFlurries ‘n’ towin’ a tinnie./Porko ‘n’ Simmo in a ute that’s chockers./Best behaviour fellas: these two are coppers./Yep, there’s Jimbos ‘n’ Bennos ‘n’ Rachs ‘n’ Ackers./But there’s only one place on earth where you can get Macca’s." 



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