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Pronunciation (redirected from Ideas for teaching pronunciation)

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  • Australian pronunciation/slang on @ariziosweeting’s Pronunciation Central blog
  • Give it a Go! Teaching Pronunciation to Adults
    This PD resource is an outcome of the AMEP Research Centre project “Language Training and Settlement Success: Are they related?”
    The interactive PDF document contains some special interactive features:
        Embedded audio clips you can listen to by clicking the speaker icon
        Form-like fields where you can enter responses to questions
        The ability to print your form responses


  • Speech Accent Archive - is a great repository of speech samples from a variety of different language backgrounds, all reading the same text, but with speech transcribed so as to be able to see where different accents produce different sounds. Really interesting for those who want to determine problems with English pronunciation.


  • The Sounds of Aus - An excellent documentary about the Australian accent featuring John Clarke.


  • Using film texts to teach about the English Language (Australian English) - from ACMI
    This resource offers suggestions for using film (and some sound only) texts to introduce students to the different varieties of Australian English. Film clips can be grouped to give students an understanding of the way the Australian language has changed over time. A number of these clips also demonstrate synchronic variation within Australian English and provide a focus for exploring and learning to apply the metalanguage of linguistic analysis.


  • Aussie Accents on Behind the News 24 March 2015
    "Okay now we've all heard people from overseas try to do an Aussie accent. It can be pretty embarrassing to listen to. But is there just one accent or do Australians from different areas or walks of life speak in different ways? Here's Emma with more about one research project helping to answer that very question."


  • Australian Voices from Macquarie University Department of Linguistics
    Includes: australian english, australian accent, history & accent change, regional accents, ethnocultural voices, aboriginal english



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